Saturday, January 4, 2014

Browns Have Paid or Owe $49 Million to Fired Coaches

Plain Dealer:
CoachYrs. after firedSum owed
Chris Palmer 3 years $3 million
Butch Davis3 years$12 million
Romeo Crennel3 yearsApprox. $10 million
Eric Mangini2 years$7.8 million
Pat Shurmur2 years leftAbout $5.6 million
Rob Chudzinski3 years left$10.5 million
Source: Various media reports
 ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Monday the Browns owed Chudzinski about $10.5 million over the next three years. Shurmur was due roughly $5.6 million at the time of his dismissal.
Since 2001, the Browns have gone through only one season (2008) without compensating a former head coach not to blow a whistle or design a game plan. By the end of 2016, they will have paid for 16 years of non-service from the pink-slipped six.
The most expensive buyout: Butch Davis, who Randy Lerner still owed $12 million at the time of his 2004 firing. The cheapest buyout: Chris Palmer, who the late Al Lerner owed $3 million over three years beginning in 2001. Remember, these figures don't include monies paid to coordinators and assistant coaches.
Since their 1999 return, the Browns have two winning seasons, one playoff appearance and no post-season victories to show for their investment.
That is the most ridiculous aspect of teams firing their coaches after a poor season.  It is bad enough that the team appears rudderless and lacking in any plan on how to improve, but then they have to shell out tons of money for guys they determined weren't good enough to keep around.  Honestly, why do teams give a new coach a 4 year contract?  No offense, but shouldn't Rob Chudzinski be pretty damn happy with getting paid $3 million for less than a year's work?  Why does he need guaranteed nearly $14 million to take the job?  That is obscene.  I guess it is nice work if you can get it.


  1. Football in Ohio sure doth suck. I pretty much blame the failure to exorcise the ghost of Woody Hayes. I was reminded of that vile creature last night during the Clemson game. Well, at least the Ohio State Coach wasn't slugging Clemson players anymore. Not much else has improved, however.

  2. Ohio State is definitely the best pro team in Ohio, whether haunted by Woody's ghost or not. They are mainly haunted by demographic change and the integration of the SEC. The Browns are haunted by Art Modell firing Paul Brown, and the fact that Modell moved them to Baltimore and left Cleveland with a so far horribly managed expansion team. The Bengals are haunted by the progeny of Paul Brown (their last playoff win occured just before Paul Brown died back in 1991) and the royal screwing Mike Brown gave Hamilton County taxpayers. Yes, we suck.