Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bye, Bye Incandescent Bulbs

Hello, energy savings:

The whining about government thugs limiting light bulb choices has mainly disappeared to the libertarian loon fringe, where I found my classmate from high school and Galtian Hero/Postal Worker (I know, wtf?) moaning about not being able to waste massive amounts of heat while lighting his home (and getting to burn his fingers if he grabs the wrong bulb to change after turning off the light).  He also made a comment about not having a Hazmat suit to clean up if the bulb breaks.  I tried to point out the benefits of moving from 130 year-old technology and offered that he still had the option of lighting dollar bills on fire instead of burning them secondhand through outdated illumination methods, but he was still kind of bummed out.  It would seem to me that a political ideology based on "rational" decision-making might lean toward electrical efficiency, but apparently, I would be wrong.  Oh well.


  1. Whenever I hear somebody bashing the so-called loon fringe I have to think about Dennis Leary in Demolition Man. ( I'll keep my testicles; drink my tea and burn hundred dollar bills for heat if my damn heart pleases. What you liberals can't seem to understand is its not about saving $5 a year on some stupid light bulb. Get past the technical details and look at the big picture of giving up choice and freedom. Maybe the real loons are the ones who need some bureaucrat to tell them its ok to wipe their ass. What a pussified nation we've become. Have you really ever sat back and asked yourself if you really want to, as Dennis Leary so eloquently puts it, sit in your basement humming I'm an Oscar Mayer Weiner every night. . . . .

  2. The tyranny of the CFL! Hitler! Stalin! Energy-efficient lighting! Keep up the fight, Spartacus.