Saturday, June 7, 2014

Belmont Stakes Weekend Reads

Maybe we'll see history made today.  Go California Chrome.  Here are some stories that caught my eye this week:

Photos: Land Use Destruction to Grow Biofuels - Big Picture Agriculture

On the Anniversary of D-Day: Making World War II Personal - John Tierney.  See also, The Profound Contradiction of Saving Private Ryan - John Biguenet

How to live without air conditioning - Boston Globe, via Katie Baker's twitter feed.  That article covers practical ways in which we could re-adapt to life without air conditioning.  One of her followers posted a link to Arthur Miller's wonderful reminiscence of the sights, sounds and smells of New York in summer in the late Twenties.

Why Freakonomics Freaks Me Out - Bloomberg View

Your Vanilla Ice Cream Is About To Get Weirder - Tom Philpott.  I don't know, using synthetic yeast to produce vanillin seems no more weird than using beaver anal secretions (castoreum)  in your vanilla ice cream or schnapps.

Monarch Butterflies under Threat from Rising Herbicide Use - Scientific American.  I've mentioned it before, but you just don't see milkweed anymore.

A Theory of Jerks - Aeon

A Horse Owner's Biggest Gamble - Wall Street Journal.  The owners of California Chrome have already gambled more than I probably would.  I like that the worst-case scenario below is $6.8 million.

Non-Triple Crown winners of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness:

YearHorseBelmont Result (Winner)
1932Burgoo King(Did not start)
1936Bold Venture(Did not start)
1944Pensive2nd (Bounding Home)
1958Tim Tam2nd (Cavan)
1961Carry Back7th (Sherluck)
1964Northern Dancer3rd (Quadrangle)
1966Kauai King4th (Amberoid)
1968**Forward Pass2nd (Stage Door Johnny)
1969Majestic Prince2nd (Arts and Letters)
1971Canonero II4th (Pass Catcher)
1979Spectacular Bid3rd (Coastal)
1981Pleasant Colony3rd (Summing)
1987Alysheba4th (Bet Twice)
1989Sunday Silence2nd (Easy Goer)
1997Silver Charm2nd (Touch Gold)
1998Real Quiet2nd (Victory Gallop)
1999Charismatic3rd (Lemon Drop Kid)
2002War Emblem8th (Sarava)
2003Funny Cide3rd (Empire Maker)
2004Smarty Jones2nd (Birdstone)
2008Big BrownDNF (Da'Tara)
2012I'll Have AnotherDid Not Start (Union Rags)
2014California Chrome???

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  1. You've written about the demise of CRP before, but this.....well, it's staggering. As an aside, I went to the local machinery display/parade the other day. The organizer, a local mega-hog producer, had a few of his personal pieces of equipment in the lineup. Oh, I neglected to say that, according to the local paper, his intent was to illustrate to the community the immense cost of today's machinery. So the price tags were on display, too. One tractor, an IH quad trac was tagged at $399,500. The other one, also a new four wheel drive, was just short of $300,000. I guess where I'm going with this is that the biofuels effort has become a nightmare for the land. But the supplier economy is doing just fine. I'd like to blame this whole mess on the Bushies, but let's face it, the dem's have been on board all along.