Thursday, June 19, 2014

Todd Frazier's Kickass Season So Far

The Wall Street Journal looks at the best all-around players this season:

Wins Above Replacement, the total value metric that has risen in popularity recently, can be broken down into its components. The basic building blocks of WAR are runs above average in batting, baserunning, and fielding, before those runs created are converted into wins added to a team's ledger. As the chart shows, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels has been 26.9 runs better than an average hitter, 2.4 runs better than an average baserunner, and 4.0 runs better than an average fielder.
Alex Gordon is also having an amazing all-around season. Gordon is the only player in MLB to rate as 10 runs better than average both at hitting and fielding while also being an above average baserunner. Gordon's excellent production is one of the primary reasons why the Kansas City Royals are on top of the American League Central.
That's pretty good company for Flava Fraz.

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