Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bastille Day Weekend Links

Here are some stories that caught my eye this week:

The Enormous Ship That Submerges Itself to Carry Entire Oil Rigs - Wired

How A Lucky Run In Vegas Saved FedEx - Priceonomics

Bird decline 'smoking gun'for pesticide's effect - BBC.  Interesting.  We'll see if the hypothesis holds up.

America Will Likely Close Out 2014 as the World's Reigning Oil Champion - Slate.  We'll see how long that lasts.  The forecasts I've seen show production peaking by 2020, but I'll be surprised if it lasts that long.  Meanwhile, actual world crude production probably already peaked, while condensate and natural gas liquids are increasing.

Secrets of the Creative Brain - The Atlantic

Oligarchy Blues - naked capitalism

Some Worry Traffic Issues Will Stem Texas' Growth - Texas Tribune.  I'm sure private enterprise will rise to the infrastructure challenge, for a steep price.

The Power of Maps, Past and Present - James Fallows.  This link to old USGS maps is awesome, if you are a map geek like me.

Satellite data shows livestock emitted more methane than oil and gas industry in 2004 - PhysOrg.  Eventually, there will be pressure to cut down on meat consumption.

Positively un-American tax dodges - Fortune.  When Fortune is calling you out for being corporate scum, you definitely have more than just an image problem.

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