Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do You Miss George W. Bush?

I keep seeing that question on Facebook, but Calculated Risk takes a look at job creation under the last six presidents and helps answer it.  Umm, no:

TermPrivate Sector
Jobs Added (000s)
Reagan 15,360
Reagan 29,357
GHW Bush1,510
Clinton 110,885
Clinton 210,070
GW Bush 1-841
GW Bush 2379
Obama 11,998
Obama 213,477
1Seventeen months into 2nd term

Ironically, it is only under President Obama that public sector employment has decreased.  The only net jobs created under George W. Bush were in the public sector:

TermPublic Sector
Jobs Added (000s)
Reagan 1-24
Reagan 21,438
GHW Bush1,127
Clinton 1692
Clinton 21,242
GW Bush 1900
GW Bush 2844
Obama 1-713
Obama 2142
1Seventeen months into 2nd term

That kind of undermines the meme of Obama's recession and the ever-growing government.  Don't expect most Republicans to notice.

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  1. Don't expect any Republicans to notice. FIFY. (Or most Democrats, for that matter.)