Saturday, December 6, 2014

Championship Games / Bengals-Steelers Weekend Links

More stories to get you through the weekend:

The Ride of Their Lives - The New Yorker.  Aspiring youth rodeo cowboys.

The Weight of Guilt: Inside the secret world of competitive bass fishing cheaters - Grantland

Honoring His Grandfather, Boy Breaks Baseball News - Weekend Edition.  An interview with Devan Fink, 13-year-old operator of Cover Those Bases, a baseball news blog.

The Inheritance - Cincinnati Magazine.  The history of the Bengals and the Brown family.  A must-read for Bengals fans.

Rabobank Projects Low Crop Prices in 2015 - AgWeb.  Also, quite a few stories recently on debt and dealing with ag lenders. Hmm......

Only Sixty Years of Farming Left If Soil Degredation Continues - Scientific American.  That may be a little dramatic, but I do believe harder rains (probably due to climate change) are causing significant water erosion.  Happy World Soil Day (yesterday).

New Analysis: Unlimited Crop Insurance Program Fuels Land & Wealth Consolidation in Minn. & Across the U.S. - Land Stewardship Project

Beef Cattle Statistics - University of Kentucky.  For grandpa.  He swore on Thanksgiving that Florida has led the nation in beef cow population for most of modern history, while I told him that Texas had the most beeves.  More beef statistics here.

History of Detroit Lions games on Thanksgiving - Detroit Lions.  Also for grandpa.  Also from Thanksgiving.  He swears the Bears and the Lions played every year for a very long time.  He may also have claimed it was the Lions and Packers other years, which is more accurate.  We have this argument every year.  The best part is that dad looked it up this year and grandpa wouldn't believe him.

My Great-Great-Aunt Discovered Francium.  And It Killed Her. - New York Times

The Invention of the Slinky - Priceonomics.  Easier to untwist than the slinky itself.

How a Single Mom Created a Plastic Food-Storage Empire - Mental Floss

You Want A Dialogue On Racism? These Black Teens Are Living It - TPM

Sub-$50 Oil Surfaces in North Dakota Amid Regional Discounts - Bloomberg.  Efficient markets, my ass.

No wonder landowners are scared.  We are starting to find out who owns Britain. - The Guardian.  This sounds crazy.  No public land register?  No real property taxes?  Really?

The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History - Businessweek.

A glut of oil? - James Hamilton.  I don't believe the green portion of the U.S. production graph will keep growing like that.

Natural Gas: The Fracking Fallacy - Nature.  A University of Texas study predicts the shale gas revolution isn't all that.I'm with the pessimists (surprise).  Well worth the read.

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