Friday, December 5, 2014

Where Did All The MRAPs Go?

MuckRock and the Marshall Program compiled a list of all the recipients of military surplus equipment distributed to local police departments and other governmental agencies through the 1033 program, including MRAPs, rifles generator sets, helicopters and other goodies:
The armored vehicles and M-16s get all the attention, but the 1033 program has its lighter side. The non-tactical transfers include games and toys, musical instruments, personal electronics, and exercise equipment.
In addition to two dump trucks and two sedans, the go-getters at the New Lothrop, Michigan, police department scored enough instruments to start a band – two snare drums, a bass drum, an electric guitar, a bass guitar and accessories – in addition to four treadmills and a VCR to watch while exercising.
Other goodies from the five-sided big-box store:
  • 6 french horns
  • 3 saxophones
  • 372 televisions (designated “for personal/home use”)
  • 387 sets of dumbbells
  • 58 softballs
  • 121 treadmills
Oh, and more than 3,700 boxes of ready-to-eat meals, 2,800 of them to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Insert donut joke here.
Locally, the city of Piqua got an MRAP ($733,000 estimated value), the county sheriff's department got 12 .223 rifles, and the shithole burg of St. Paris got 2 .223 rifles, 5 .45 pistols and 2 .308 rifles.  But the beggar kings of Ohio are in the Allen County Sheriff Department, which brought home more than $10 million worth of lucre, including 21 generator sets, 13 utility trucks, 2 tractors, 1142 pandemic preparedness kits, 13 ground ambulances, a backhoe, 4 forklifts, 2 surveying instruments  9 bomb disposal robots (9!?) and dozens of high dollar items.  Holy shit, I'm in the wrong line of work.

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