Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Early March Midweek Links

 A few stories to check out:

Kentucky's Unbeaten Season Makes Vegas Squirm - Bloomberg.  Some sports books gave 50:1 odds against Kentucky going undefeated.

Farmers Put Down the Plow for More Productive Soil - New York Times

India's Beef Boom Threatened As Age-Old Tensions Flare - Bloomberg

More extreme weather could mean less wheat for Kansas - Wichita Eagle.  Also, less wheat for most of the midwest.

The Growing Risk of Suicide in Rural America - The Atlantic.  With the farm economy tanking, expect it to get worse before it gets better.

Maybe You've Been Tricked Into Liking Strawberries So Much - Pacific Standard.  Strawberry Shortcake and friends were a marketing trick?  I think my 10-year-old self thought so.

The Long, Strange Saga of the 180,000 Carat Emerald - Bloomberg

Don't Drink the Water - The Atlantic

Secede? Separatists Claim Texas Never Joined United States - New York Times.  Jackasses.

Some States Fight To Keep Their Wood Fires Burning - McClatchy.  Maybe the legislators ought to read the regulations so they understand them (or, being Republican, have somebody read the regulations to them).  They apply to manufacturers and newly purchased wood stoves.  And many stoves have met the requirements for years (and have been working with EPA).  But, hey, EPA is evil.

Selma, 50 years after march, remains a city divided - LA Times.  Holy shit, the south is an awful place.

Has The Snow Finally Stopped? - Fivethirtyeight

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