Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pre-St. Patrick's Day Weekend Links

 Here are some stories to check out this weekend:

The Rocket Richard Riot - SBNation

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh: Wolverine on the Loose - Wall Street Journal.  Awesome.  OSU fans could hate Santa Claus if he was coaching at Michigan.  Harbaugh is a totally different animal.

Porntopia: A trip to the Adult Video News Awards - Grantland

A Cattle Heist of Epic Proportions - Texas Monthly.  Wow.

The secretive Cargill family has 14 billionaires, more than any other clan on earth - Business Insider

A Craft Beer Tax Battle Is Brewing On Capitol Hill - The Salt.  Also, see Cranley: Halt brewery crackdown - Cincinnati Enquirer.  Well, apparently, the craft brew industry has some decent pull.  Big Little Beer?

Whiskey Can't Hide It's Age Either - Nautilus

Pilots Duck Birds, Dodge Towers to Gauge New England Flood Risk - Bloomberg

A map of all the underwater cables that connect the internet - Vox

The Twisted History of Your Favorite Board Game - Longreads

Crude-Oil Price Collapse Takes Toll on Williston - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Producers Ready Next Oil Wave -Wall Street Journal.  Did these guys flunk Econ 101?  Or are they just trying to make debt payments?

Texas: From Shale Boom To Water Revolution - OilPrice.  Sounds like bullshit to me.  However, I can understand why people would like to believe it.  Read this.

Best State for Business/  Yes, California - Bloomberg View.  Yeah, fuck you, Texas.

Marco Rubio's Puppies-and-Rainbows Tax Plan - The Upshot.  This is why Republicans hate math and science.

Look at what our obsession with white meat has done to chickens - Wonkblog.  I think I may have already posted this image, but it's a good one:

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