Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Few Tax Items

Some stories that flesh out our tax system and the politics around it:

Where Your State Gets Its Money - Fivethirtyeight

We Know What's the Matter With Kansas - Big Picture

Among developed nations, Americans' tax bills are below average - Pew Research Center

Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy - Washington Post and Republicans Push $269 Billion Handout for Millionaire Heirs and Heiresses - Huffington Post.  Maybe I'm cynical, but I would think eliminating the estate tax and granting the step-up in basis would lead more heirs to sell family businesses than the estate tax itself would.  No taxes on the sale would seem to increase the number of sales.

How Much Americans Really Pay in Taxes - Bloomberg

9 charts that explain taxes in America - Vox

State Income Tax Brackets Charted - Flowing Data

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