Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mid-April Weekend Links

Well, I'm planning on planting a little corn (maybe), but here are some stories to keep your attention for a little while this weekend:

Jason Rabedeaux Was Here - ESPN Magazine

The Ghosts I Run With - SBNation

Who Cares About "Irish" Andy Lee?  Or the Search for Brooklyn's Irish Boxing Fans - Vice Sports

Is Someone Stealing Water From California's Delta? - Modern Farmer

Feds Cancel Commercial Sardine Fishing After Stocks Crash - NPR.  Not a good sign.

West, Texas Blues - Texas Observer. The near miss stories are terrifying.  I know it's more expensive, but how about using urea or ammonium sulfate in place of ammonium nitrate.  They have much, much less likelihood of going boom.    

Low Prices Cool Boom in U.S. Oil Production - Wall Street Journal.  The article matches what I predicted here, that the Bakken and Eagle Ford are declining, but the Permian may keep increasing production for a little while.

Out of the Ashes - Aeon

Volcanoes Are (Still) Not The Cause of Global Warming - Wired. See also, Volcanic Versus Anthropogenic Sources of Carbon Dioxide: An Addendum - Wired.  The significant point is that we know emissions from volcanoes can affect global weather (with sodium dioxide in cooling, for instance), so considering how small carbon emissions from volcanoes are compared to fossil fuel emissions, I would think most people could see that we are almost certainly impacting the climate.

How Car-Reliance Squeezes the Middle Class - Citylab

The Nun's Story - Lapham's Quarterly
Inside the Dyson dynasty - Financial Times

How a Malaysian Playboy Controlled the Most Powerful Naval Force on the Planet - Medium

The Mystery of the Missing Evangelicals - Wall Street Journal.  Once again, Ted Cruz is full of shit.

How Corporate America Invented Christian America - Politico

Supply-Side Doom In Kansas - Barry Ritholtz.  I don't think the true believers will learn a damn thing.

Moore's Law Shows Its Age - Wall Street Journal

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