Sunday, June 7, 2015

Belmont Stakes Weekend Links

Yeah, I'm a little behind this weekend, but, hey, I got to see American Pharoah win the Triple Crown.  Here are some interesting stories I came across this last week:

Two Lanes to Accokeek - SBNation

The Steph Curry Origin Story - Vice Sports

American Pharoah's Dad to Make the Real Money for Owner Zayat - Bloomberg and American Pharoah is a Superhorse, but He's No Secretariat - FiveThirtyEight

Our Water-Guzzling Food Factory - New York Times.  See also, California's War Over Water has Farmer Fighting Farmer - The Salt and After Water - Longreads

Who's Murdering Thousands of Chickens in South Carolina? - Bloomberg.  There's a good description of the crazy tournament pay system used in contract growing chickens.

It's Raining Nitrogen in a Colorado Park.  Farmers Can Help Make It Stop - The Salt

What do they really put in scrapple? - Lancaster Online

This is the Story of the Hamburger - Grub Street

Mystery of the Texas 'earthworm herds' that form a perfect line on roads: Scientists baffled by strange behavior since storms - Daily Mail

How this brilliant scientist went from working at Subway to becoming one of the greatest mathematicians of the 21st century - Business Insider

The Economist Who Realized How Crazy We Are - Michael Lewis and The Science of Scarcity - Harvard Magazine

Your Brain Can't Handle the Moon - Nautilus

On the Wisconsin Border, little enthusiasm for Walker's tax cuts - Reuters and Scott Walker Bets on Midwestern Appeal in Iowa - Wall Street Journal.  God help us.

Out of Spite: The Governor of Nebraska's Threat to Execute Prisoners - The Atlantic.  This, along with funding idiot Republican candidates and fucking up Wrigley Field to squeeze more money out of fans are reasons I can't stand the Ricketts family.  Nebraska, you get the asshole you elected.

How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti and Built Six Homes - ProPublica

Why Has America Stopped Winning Wars? - The Atlantic.  Because we pick unwinnable ones to fight?  It is notable that the only one we've won since World War II is the one the idiots who led us into the Iraq debacle considered a screwup.

The Most Urbanized States in America - priceonomics

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