Sunday, August 2, 2015

First of August Weekend Links

Well, we're in the dog days of summer (and the craft breweries are already turning out Marzenbier and Pumpkin Ales) and here are some interesting stories to check out this weekend:

How 2 Iowa Reporters in 1973 accidentally started the world's largest bike tour - Vox

This Kentucky Distillery Is Blasting David Bowie Songs to Flavor Its Brandy - Vice

The complex mix that makes bacon taste so good - BBC

Hay for cheese? Barter booms in cash-squeezed rural Greece - Reuters and With Greek banks still shuttered, unsold eggs point to deeper woes - Washington Post

Out of the Box - Texas Monthly.  Charles Goodnight and the original food truck.

Sam Adams Could Turn Benedict Arnold Because of Taxes - Bloomberg

TPP pressure on Canada, but U.S. is super-star in agriculture subsidies - Financial Post

Ohio State Fair for the win:

Who wears a size-40 shoe and weighs a ton? Ohio State Fair's new Smokey - Columbus Dispatch

See Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, Brutus Buckeye honored with butter sculpture: photos - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Butter sculptures through the years - Columbus Dispatch

Deep-fried pie? Donut ice cream bar? The State Fair offers it all - Columbus Dispatch

A Dream Undone - New York Times.  On the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. I remember wondering years back why the Farm Bureau opposed the Voting Rights Act.  As I watch the importance of the rural vote in Republican power dynamics, I understand the origin of that opposition a little more.

Consider the Can - The Big Roundtable.  From Roughly 100 Fantastic Magazine Articles from 2014 - Conor Friedersdorf

The Candidates - London Review of Books.  Sad but true.  What a fucking clown show.

What militarism means - The American Conservative.  About the F-35.

FBI enlisting public help to uncover corruption in Kentucky - WYMT.  Two words: Richie Farmer. Also see Kasich's Assets Valued at $9.2 to $22.1 Million - Bloomberg.  Remember, the guy grew up in a working-class family and had a grand total of two non-government jobs in his life: Fox News host and managing director at Lehman Brothers.  That's called cashing in on government service.

Iran calls for Israel's nuclear disarmament - Christian Science Monitor.  Calling out the ultimate double standard.

What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke - The Renegade Pharmacist

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