Saturday, August 8, 2015

Golf Outing Weekend Links

Every year, I golf in one outing and cook for another. This year, both took place this weekend.  Even with those going on, I've got a few stories for you to check out:

The Bat Doctor is In - SBNation.  On illegal slow-pitch softball bats.

The Changeup: How baseball's tech team built the future of television - The Verge

A Minor League Home Run King Without Major Fanfare - New York Times.  A real life Crash Davis.

The End of the Hoop Dream: A Journey to the Extreme Fringe of International Basketball - Grantland

What's in a name? Everything for OSU walk-on from Troy - Dayton Daily News.  Local kid.

How New Jersey Tamed The Wild Blueberry For Global Production - The Salt

Exodus: After 90 Years in Manhattan, Can Streit's Matzo Reinvent Itself Upstate - The Village Voice

Sioux City farm celebrates 100 years - Sioux City Journal.  My college roommate's grandparents' farm is honored as a Century Farm.

Man vs. Bugs: Who's Winning - Wall Street Journal

Leo Szilard: A Forgotten Father of the Atomic Bomb - Priceonomics

What Made This Man Betray His Country - The Atlantic 

The Cop - The New Yorker 

Inside Shell's Extreme Plan To Drill For Oil in the Arctic - Bloomberg

The Seventh-Largest Economy In The World Spirals Down - Wolf Richter.  Brazil, China, Canada, Australia, Europe, the corn's getting ugly out there.

Top Cringe Worthy Foreign Policy Moments in GOP Debate - Juan Cole.  I would nominate all of them. It seemed like all they tried to do was be more unhinged than anyone else on stage.

American Democracy Has to Do Better Than This - The Nation 

Tea Party Lawmaker Faked Gay Sex Scandal To Hide Affair With Female Rep  - TPM

How corn made its way into just about everything we eat - Wonkblog

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