Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pioneer Sued Over Pesticide-Laden Dust

Des Moines Register:
A group of Kauai (Hawaii) residents has sued a major seed company over the farming of genetically modified crops they claim has led to pesticide-laden dust being blown onto their homes for more than a decade. Attorneys for 150 Waimea residents filed the lawsuit Tuesday in 5th Circuit Court against Iowa-based Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
Pioneer is a subsidiary of Delaware-based chemical maker DuPont Co. Gay & Robinson Inc., which leases fields east of Waimea to Pioneer. Both were named in the lawsuit.
Pioneer uses dangerous pesticides during open air testing of genetically modified crops without controlling airborne pollutants as required by state and county law, the residents alleged. Trade winds blow across the test fields into Waimea, on the southwest coast of the island.
The lawsuit claimed that “pesticides and fugitive dust from Pioneer’s GMO Test Fields are recognized pollutants that present known and unknown risks to human health and the environment associated with acute, sub-chronic, and chronic exposure.”
So if Republicans had their way in passing a law preventing EPA from regulating dust, would it throw a monkey wrench into this case.  I wouldn't think so, but I'm curious.  I'm not supporting or denigrating the veracity of their claims, I was just wondering out loud.

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