Friday, January 11, 2013

Avatar For President


With no political experience and little knowledge of economics, performing arts professor Vladimir Franz was already an unlikely candidate for the Czech Republic presidential election.
The fact that 90 per cent of his body is covered in tattoos makes it even more surprising that not only is he standing for election - he currently stands third in the polls.
One in nine voters are believed to be planning on backing the 53-year-old opera composer and painter in this weekend's presidential elections after a £15,000 election campaign that didn't even include posters.
He's tipped to win around 11 per cent in the first round of votes on Friday and Saturday, which is not enough to go through, but may make him kingmaker.
Leading candidates Jan Fischer and Milos Zeman, both former prime ministers, ought to be keen to benefit from his following if the vote goes to a second round. And Mr Franz, a Professor at Prague's Academy of Performing Arts, is not short of admirers.
Suddenly, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum seem less out of the ordinary.

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