Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tentative Deal Reached For NHL

Bettman did not have details on a timeline for ratification or a potential schedule for the opening of the regular season. It is believed the sides are aiming for either a 48- or 50-game season depending on how quickly things get done. Sources told that a 50-game season would start Jan. 15, while a 48-game season would start Jan. 19.
Fehr said he hoped the next steps could be accomplished "fairly rapidly" and with "dispatch."
"We'll get back to what we used to call business as usual just as fast as we can," he said.
Both sides are committed to playing as many games as possible, even if it requires starting the season midweek, multiple sources told
The 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs are expected to stretch into the end of June to account for the delayed start and compressed season.
Just what the world needs, hockey after the summer solstice.  They pissed away half of the shitty weather of the year, do they really expect anybody but Canucks to care about hockey in late June?  Gary Bettman is a clown.  Oh well, maybe I'll go to a Blue Jackets game.  I should be able to get a good deal on tickets.


  1. Is it just me, or is there some similarities between NHL negotiating style and Republican negotiating style?

    Expect everything to go your way, posture for as long as possible, and above all else, try to appear tough, tough, tough (which automatically makes you not tough). It's like Bettman (and Fehr too) is auditioning for a Congressional seat.

  2. Unfortunately, the Republican need to appear tough carries over into gun ownership and foreign policy. Unlike with gun violence and foreign policy, nobody died from the NHL lockout, at least south of the 49th parallel. And nobody is being sent by the NHL to fight in some Godawful hellhole for no apparent reason, unless you are talking about playing in Phoenix.

  3. Send Bettman, Fehr, and Tea Party Congressmen to some Godawful hellhole (like the Deep South) to be TOUGH (requisite fist shake) with each other using guns? Hmmmm:)