Monday, January 27, 2014

House, Senate Reach Farm Bill Agreement

Des Moines Register:
Lawmakers completed work on a new five-year $500 billion farm bill proposal on Monday, bringing closer to an end more than two years of struggles and tense negotiations over the much-delayed legislation.
The farm bill drafted by a team of House and Senate negotiators would save an estimated $24 billion over 10 years, with about a third of the spending cuts coming from the popular food stamp program. The proposed legislation also would mark the end of $5 billion in annual direct payments, increase the number of crop insurance programs available to farmers and require farmers to follow conservation compliance measures to receive subsidies.
The 41 House and Senate lawmakers on the conference committee completed the legislation that is expected to advance to a vote in the full House Wednesday. The Senate could act as soon as next week. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday the farm bill is one of his top priorities.
Hey, only a year or so late.  Not bad for these clowns.

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