Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NCAA Bracket

In the East, 1st round- Ohio State, Villanova, West Virginia, Kentucky, Xavier, Syracuse, Washington, UNC
                   2nd round- Ohio State, Kentucky, Xavier, UNC
                   Regional Final- Kentucky, UNC  --  Final Four Kentucky
West, 1st round- Duke, Michigan, Arizona, Oakland, Cincinnati, UConn, Penn State, San Diego St.
                    2nd round- Duke, Arizona, UConn, San Diego St.
                   Regional Final- Arizona, UConn -- Final Four UConn
Southwest, 1st round- Kansas, UNLV, Richmond, Louisville, Georgetown, St. Peters, Texas A&M, Notre Dame
                    2nd Round- Kansas, Louisville, Georgetown, Notre Dame
                    Regional final- Kansas, Georgetown--Final Four Kansas
 Southeast, 1st round- Pitt, Butler, Utah St., Wisconsin, St. Johns, BYU, Michigan State, Florida
                  2nd round- Butler, Wisconsin, St. Johns, Florida
                Regional final- Wisconsin, Florida Final Four-- Florida
Final Four-- UConn over Kentucky and Kansas over Florida
Champion- UConn

That's why I never win the pool.

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