Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Germans and this blog

I have come across an interesting phenomenon in my minimal blog experience.  According to the page view stats that Blogger tracks, I've received 91 page views all-time from Germany.  31 of those came the day I posted an excerpt from Michael Lewis's Vanity Fair article on the Irish bank fiasco.  58 have come in the last day when I posted on Paul Ryan's budget plan.  Actually, in the past 24 hours, more pageviews were from Germany than the United States.  This leads me to believe that a reasonable number of Germans are very interested/concerned about the world economy, and budget problems in Ireland and the United States.  My expectation is that their concern regards whether the United States and Ireland will default on debt held in Germany.  I also figure that I only have Google to thank for sending these readers in my direction.

I welcome any German readers to the site, and would be glad if you were to inform me if these suppositions are correct or not.  Please use this as a conduit to express your views on the budget mess and deficits, I am interested to hear them.  Thanks.

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