Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ohio Microdistilleries

From the DDN:
 The Dayton-based Buckeye Vodka that will start hitting liquor-store shelves in the Miami Valley and across Ohio this week is surfing the wave of a national trend of micro-distilleries producing relatively small batches of premium spirits for thirsty enthusiasts. The new 80-proof vodka is the brainchild of a family-based team that includes Jim Finke, president of The Finke Company in Moraine and co-owner and CEO of Crystal Spirits LLC, the maker of Buckeye Vodka and his brother-in-law Tom Rambasek of Kettering, who owns and operates Crystal Water Company on South Patterson Boulevard in Dayton and who also serves as president of Crystal Spirits. Finke’s brother Chris is chairman of the company.
Finke said he and his brother were looking to launch a business as a family. Throughout the recession and economic crisis of 2008-09, as NCR left Dayton and General Motors closed a truck-assembly plant in Moraine, “We saw our friends and families and their businesses take hits,” Finke said.
But they also noticed Ohioans consuming liquor in record amounts, even as many spent less on each bottle they purchased. Finke — a vodka drinker himself — and his family members came up with an idea.
There is also a liqueur maker in Tipp City which is mentioned in the article.

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