Friday, March 23, 2012

My War With Chase Bank

Late last year, I closed down my bank accounts at Chase Bank.  But when I closed the accounts, the bank paid out the final interest payment I was owed later that day.  So for the last 3 months, I've had $1.06 in my savings account, and $0.01 in my checking account.  That is, until I got my most recent statement:

Yes, that is correct.  My $1.07 turned into -$19.99 according to the financial wizards at Chase.  What I found interesting was that on my savings account, they only took the money in the account, but on the checking account, they charged me $20.00, and didn't credit any of the $1.06 toward it, but showed a deficit of $19.99.  As you may be able to piece together from the dollar bill and coins, I went to the local Chase branch and told them I wanted my $1.07.  At first she told me that I got charged a service fee and the $1.07 was gone.  I explained that I had closed my account, and the $1.07 was interest I was owed.  She did get me the $1.07.

Yeah, this was kind of a dick move on my part, but hey, isn't a dick move on Chase's part to charge $21.06 in fees on an account with $1.07 in it, especially when it was pretty clear what my intention was when I drew the account down to a zero balance while working with the branch manager to close my account?

I must say, local Chase Bank staff were very friendly with me while I waged war against my and their corporate masters.  But there is no reason for a multinational bank to steal from the little folks, is there?


  1. So funny, yet so disappointed your years of war with chase are over.

  2. I can remember your enjoyment listening to my phone conversations with that establishment.