Sunday, January 20, 2013

Responsible Gun Owners in the News

At least five people -- three in North Carolina, one in Indiana and one in Ohio -- were injured after weapons went off at gun shows Saturday, officials said, at a time when there's been renewed discussion about private gun sales at such shows.
The most casualties came at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina, where attendees bolted -- with at least one woman wiping out in the frenetic scene -- when gunfire rang out around 1 p.m., as seen on video captured by CNN affiliate WRAL.
Police later explained that a a 36-year-old man from Wilmington, North Carolina, was unfastening the case of his 12-gauge shotgun on a table near the show entrance when it accidentally discharged. The man planned to sell the shotgun at the show.
The bird shot ended up injuring three people. One was a sheriff's deputy, who suffered a slight injury to his hand and was treated and released at a local hospital before returning immediately to work, said Joel Keith, chief of police of the North Carolina State Fair.
A 54-year-old woman from Benson, North Carolina, was being treated for a wound to her right torso at a local hospital, and a 50-year-old man from Durham, North Carolina, was treated for an injured left hand, Keith told reporters.
"I want to emphasize that this is an accident," Keith said.
Gun owners aren't winning the news right now. Maybe the gun control folks ought to collect all the stupid gun owner stories to compete with the NRA gun owners who defend themselves stories.  I think the gun control folks would have many more stories.  That may not be a good argument for strict gun control, but it would be a case for being safer if fewer people are carrying loaded guns around every day.


  1. So aside from the ridiculous NRA "who knows what violent nutbar could come in here with guns blazing" argument, what is the purpose of having loaded guns at a gun show? Target practice in the middle of a crowded hall/auditorium/arena? Testing the ammo amongst hundreds, or thousands, of people? Does anyone else see the fallacy of this approach?

  2. All I see is some morons undercutting the NRA's message pretty successfully. Live by the gun, die by the gun? I'd love to know how many of these type of stories happened each day prior to Newtown and just didn't make the news, but three accidental shootings at gun shows in one day is astounding. Hell, one of those was with a gun the guy bought at the show loaded. Can you imagine a bunch of people coming up and handling a loaded gun at a show as they look at it and decide if they want to buy it? And these loons think we don't need any more regulations? I guess they're right, you can't regulate away stupidity.

  3. Of course we will never know the gun owner defending themselves stories because of the liberal controlled media and their progressive ideology. I see you have a bit of an obsession with alcohol based on your posts. Let's compare gun injuries to alcohol related ones. How about one person killed every half hour due to drunk driving. One person seriously injured every 2 minutes. So, if the gun shows were open over the weekend and let us say 10 hrs per day that is 60hrs of available time. In that 60 hrs we have 5 people injured by guns. In comparison we had 120 people killed by drunk drivers and 7200 seriously injured. So we should ban guns, right? Bang for the buck seems to be alcohol. Of course that probably doesn't sit with you well does it? You don't prescribe to the facts. You only prescribe to whatever self-serving interest suits you and your liberal wacko cronies.

  4. Can you point to one place in that post where I recommend banning guns you damn uncomprehending fool? All I said was that I didn't feel safer having morons carrying loaded guns around in public. Your point about drunk drivers is well taken. If you haven't noticed, law enforcement puts in a lot of time searching for and prosecuting drunk drivers. If a drunk driver hurts somebody accidentally, they are going to jail. And yet, I haven't heard anybody suggest that what we need to make everybody safer is more drunks on the road.